Frequently Asked Questions

How can I give information to the Review Team?

Submissions can be sent by email to the Chair at . Alternatively you can write to Lord Carlile at The House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW.  All correspondence received at this address will be treated as confidential and passed to the team unopened.

When can I do this?

You can contact us now. The Review is keen to receive information as soon as possible.

What will happen to my information?

Any information supplied will only be used by the Review to inform its work and, where relevant, the Jay inquiry¹.

Will it be confidential?

The Review guarantees the anonymity of victim/s throughout its work unless the identity of victim/s is already in the public domain and/or those victim/s explicitly confirm that they wish to be identified. Those making submissions will be identified, unless they expressly wish they do not wish their identity to be revealed.

When will the review be finished?

It is planned that the Review will be completed by end of July 2017 and published as soon as possible after that.

Who will see the final report?  Will I get to see it?

The report will first be presented to the Church of England, National Safeguarding Steering Group. It will then be published in full.

¹ Please see the separate fact sheet on the Jay inquiry